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The Urban Digit Process

At Urban Digit we have defined a process to best assess our clients in any situation. Our service is clearly divided in four steps that allow us to generate a complete 360º view of the air surrounding our clients’ interests, and deliver thorough reports with the best insights.

Step 1. Monitor

The goal of this step is to initiate the project and have our hardware collecting data and our software fully running on the client’s site. We install our devices in the designed spots and adapt our software to manage, control and gather the data these generate. With the specific information we receive from our client and our knowledge of the area of study, we define initial hypothesis to validate.


We initiate our first approach to the client to gather initial information 


Collect all the available information and set up our initial hypothesis


Device installation and software setup


Project fully running and definition of first hypothesis of potential risks

Step 2. Analyze

Once our devices and software are fully running and we have gathered enough information we initiate our analysis. We apply our algorithms to detect anomalous results and understand where, how and why these happen. This allow us to validate our initial hypothesis and set ups new ones for the upcoming weeks/months.


We acknowledge there is significant data to initiate our analysis


Initiate the analysis and validate hypothesis


We execute our algorithms and conduct analysis to understand the air’s quality contitions and initiate our hypothesis testing


Software obtaining results and detection of real threats and anomalous particle concentrations and variations

Step 3. Display

Once our system is running and there is significant collected data, our analyses will be displayed on a personalised dashboard. We will define parameters to alert our clients whenever significant concentration or variation limits are exceeded. This dashboard will be adapted to different specific client’s characteristics and interests.


Our system fully running and gathering data from the client’s site 


Collect and display data and set alerts whenever anomalies are detected


We display the results of our data analysis and set up the different parameters/limits to alert clients


Fully customised dashboard displaying our data analysis and alerts

Step 4. Assess

Both via our monthly automated reports and our trimester personalised assessment meetings, Urban Digit will stay on top of each client to enable them to conduct a continuous and evolving air quality improvement strategy.


We have validated several hypothesis and continue to set  and test new ones


Monthly repot reviews and trimester personalised assessment


Our system produce reports including explanations and recomendations


Our clients will have a full view of their current situation and are able to control air quality

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